Working Groups


The Data Coordination Centre operates Working Groups to provide interoperability for the Swiss Personalized Health Network. These groups bring knowledge from the different domains that comprise the SPHN, including expertise in the semantics of how patient data is described through to the IT challenge of securely handling sensitive data.


Clinical Data Semantic Interoperability

Mandate: Advise on clinical data interoperability standards, data formats and exchange formalisms to be adopted within SPHN

Chair: Christian Lovis

PHI representative: Kristin Gnodtke, Sabine Österle and Mirjam Mattei


USB Markus Obreiter
USZ Cornelia Kruschel Weber
CHUV Jean Louis Raisaro
Insel Mathias Kämpf
HUG David Cavin
eHealth Suisse Jürg Bleuer

BioMedIT Interoperability (Project)

Mandate: Develop and implement interoperability between BioMedIT nodes to enable sharing of data and analysis workflows within SPHN

Chair and PHI representative: Kevin Sayers


sciCORE Jaroslaw Surkont
Vital-IT Robin Engler

Diana Coman Schmid

Gerhard Bräunlich

SDSC Rok Roskar

IT Security (transformed)

In May 2019, the previous SIB IT Security Working Group was transformed into the new SIB Data Protection and Security Board.

To address IT Security issues specifically relevant in the context of the BioMedIT project, a BioMedIT Security Working Group, as well as a BioMedIT Security Advisory Group will be set-up. The SIB Data Protection and Security Board will function as an overarching body, responsible for establishing and reviewing the overall policy.

The exact mandate of both new BioMedIT groups will be finalised in the coming months.


Bioinformatics and Data Analytics

Mandate: Provide use cases and recommendations on bioinformatics and data analytics related SPHN infrastructures, such as standards for omics and imaging data, software tools, research data management, reference datasets, and interaction with international stakeholders

Chair: Michael Baudis

PHI representative: Sabine Österle


University of Basel RNA Regulatory Networks Mihaela Zavolan
USB Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Bram Stiltjes
ETH Biomedical Informatics Gunnar Rätsch
ETH Chemical and Systems Biology Bernd Wollscheid
ETH Chemical and Systems Biology Patrick Pedrioli
ETH Machine Learning & Computational Biology Karsten Borgwardt
UNIGE Genetic Medicine and Development Manolis Dermitzakis
EPFL Biomolecular Modeling Matteo Dal Peraro
SIB Clinical Bioinformatics Valérie Barbié
UNIL Complex Trait Genetics Matthew Robinson
University of Bern Bioinformatics Remy Bruggmann
Insel Sample and Report Management Clinical Trials Alexander Leichtle
USZ Skin Cancer Research

Mitchell Levesque

Hospital IT

Mandate: Provide recommendations and guidelines regarding the implementation and adoption of technical solutions and standards necessary for the harmonization and development of the Swiss-wide IT infrastructure

Chair: Cornelia Kruschel Weber

PHI representative: Sabine Österle


USB Bram Stieltjes, Markus Obreiter
USZ Katie Kalt
CHUV Nicolas Rosat, Jean Louis Raisaro, Nathalie Jacquemont
Insel Mathias Kämpf
HUG David Cavin