Introducing the DCC Seminar and Training series


20 December 2018

Presenting the achievements of the SPHN-funded projects

As we advance on our mission to establish nationwide, secure, technical and semantic interoperability of health-related data for personalized health, these seminars are a great opportunity to learn from each other, ask questions and leverage expert know-how from the research teams.
Presenters will talk about the goals and the milestones of their projects, and how they contributed to the development of the SPHN infrastructure. They will also address achievements, challenges and emerging research opportunities.

Participation is subject to registration and restricted to researchers, clinicians and administrators of our partner institutions. Therefore, if you are part of the SPHN community and wish to receive invitations for future seminars, please contact us.

The first presenter in the DCC Seminar and Training series will be:

Christian Lovis, MD, MPH, FACMI

Professor of Clinical Informatics, University of Geneva,

Head of Medical Information Sciences Division, Geneva University Hospitals

C3-STUDY project (Citizen centered consent)

Monday, 14 January 2019 - 16:00-17:00

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