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Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) named a 2019 GA4GH Driver Project

4 February 2019

The Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) will join an international group of 22 leading genomic data initiatives working together to enable sharing of genomic and health-related data for research. The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) has selected SPHN among its 2019 Driver Projects that aim to develop and pilot standards for sharing genomic and health-related data.



Introducing the DCC Seminar and Training series

20 December 2018

As we advance on our mission to establish nationwide, secure, technical and semantic interoperability of health-related data for personalized health, these seminars are a great opportunity to learn from each other, ask questions and leverage expert know-how from the research teams.



BioMedIT project management: a warm welcome to Martin Fox

3 December 2018

In December, Martin Fox has joined our team as a BioMedIT Project Manager. He will be working very closely with the experienced and knowledgeable IT and security specialists involved in BioMedIT, defining and managing implementation milestones within each project workstream, as well as monitoring the progress to ensure that the milestones are achieved.



First SPHN training on Data Privacy and IT Security

20 November 2018

ETH Zürich: Heinz Stockinger (SIB) and Diana Coman Schmid (SIS) presented the first SPHN training course on Data Privacy and IT Security. Mandated and supported by the SPHN Data Coordination Centre (DCC), this training elaborates on what should be done in practice to protect the patient privacy when performing biomedical research.



Progress towards achieving interoperability of scientific computing facilities

7 September 2018

The key objective of the SPHN is to enable cutting-edge personalized health research by establishing nationwide interoperability of health data. Today we report progress achieved in BioMedIT, a project aimed at setting up a nationwide network of secure computing infrastructures, enabling clinical and biomedical research. Each BioMedIT node is affiliated to SIB partner Universities, namely sciCORE, Vital-IT, and SIS.



Policy addressing Information Security for the SPHN

3 September 2018

Today we publish the policy, which clarifies the roles and responsibilities of various parties relative to Information Security and defines the technical and organisational measures necessary to operate IT infrastructures that support SPHN projects. Everyone involved in SPHN projects that use confidential personal data on one of the BioMedIT Nodes needs to adhere to this policy.



Collaboration with the Swiss Data Science Centre

27 March 2018

The SIB and the SDSC are teaming up on developing software platforms, services and best practices for privacy-conscious data-driven science in the context of SPHN. In one of our BioMedIT Interoperability working group’s  projects, the joint team will assess the domain-specific requirements for personalized health research in Switzerland.