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Please find below all SPHN Data Coordination Centre policies and supporting documents to download


November 2018 - the SPHN DCC working group in charge of Clinical Semantic Interoperability has published a first release of a core clinical dataset. This document marks the first achievement of the collaboration between the five University Hospitals towards establishing clinical data interoperability standards, data formats and exchange formalisms to be adopted within SPHN.

The release is accompanied by the user guide for the clinical variable list that explains the purpose of the document, its content and version history.

Icon Core clinical dataset release 1 (23.1 KB)

Icon User Guide on Clinical Variable List (484.2 KB)


November 2018 - the SPHN DCC Clinical Data Semantic Interoperability working group has published a strategy on building a clinical data semantic interoperability framework in the SPHN initiative.

Icon Clinical Data Semantic Interoperability Working Group Strategy (691.1 KB)


August 2018 - the SPHN DCC working group in charge of IT Security has published the SPHN Information Security Policy. This document defines the technical and organisational measures necessary to operate IT infrastructures supporting SPHN projects. It additionally provides technical guidelines for data protection complementing the SPHN Ethical Framework for Responsible Data Processing and associated policies.

Icon SPHN Information Security Policy (163.7 KB)


May 2018 - the SPHN Ethical, Legal and Social Implications advisory group (ELSIag) has produced Version 2 of ethical guidance in relation to personal data processing within the SPHN, with particular emphasis on guidance for data sharing.

Icon SPHN Ethical Framework for Responsible Data Processing (221.6 KB)