The BioMedIT project establishes a coordinated nationwide network of secure infrastructures to support computational biomedical research and clinical bioinformatics. Built on the centers of expertise established at our partner universities (regional nodes), this project is managed by the SPHN Data Coordination Centre, a group of the SIB Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics. The purpose is to support personalized health research by widening scope of the regional nodes to fulfil the stringent legal and security requirements with respect to technology, policies and competences. The BioMedIT project is complementary to the activities of the SPHN initiative, which aims to establish interoperability of health-related information by building a dynamic scalable network of data providers based on common standards for formats, semantics, governance, and exchange mechanisms.





Locations and contacts of BioMedIT nodes

Basel sciCORE Thierry Sengstag
Bern Vital-IT Vital-IT Team
Geneva Vital-IT Vital-IT Team
Lausanne Vital-IT Vital-IT Team
Zürich ETH: SIS Bernd Rinn
Zürich UZH: S3IT Marcel Riedi
  SPHN DCC Torsten Schwede