The BioMedIT project establishes a coordinated nationwide network of secure infrastructures to support computational biomedical research and clinical bioinformatics. Built on the centers of expertise established at our partner universities (regional nodes), this project is managed by the SPHN Data Coordination Centre, a group of the SIB Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics. 

State of the art computing services: BioMedIT provides researchers any- where in Switzerland with access to a secure, protected and cutting edge computing environment in which to conduct data analysis. The network utilizes cloud computing, virtualization, compute accelerators (GPUs), big data storage, state of the art security techniques and federation technologies to lower computational boundaries for researchers.

Data transfer process requirements: Researchers, who – in the context of an approved research project – receive biomedical data from national or international sources or request deidentified data from hospitals across the country, can thereby enable
authorized project members (via the DCC) to access and analyze the data. The “Ethical Framework for Responsible Data Processing in Personalized Health Research of SPHN” of the SPHN ELSIag, provides ethical guidance with particular emphasis on data sharing. Complementary, the SPHN Information Security Policy defines the technical and organizational measures necessary to operate IT infrastructures supporting SPHN projects, and is providing technical guidelines for data protection.
Once these requirements are fulfilled, data is being de-identified (pseudonymized/coded) and encrypted for the transfer to the researcher’s account on the BioMedIT network.

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A research project using clinical data from a Swiss university hospital typically needs to fulfill the following requirements, prior to any data being transferred:

IT Security and Data Protection user training: Researchers/users working with sensitive human data on the BioMedIT project space are provide with a training opportunities (online or a class-room course) and a subsequent exam, which is mandatory.

Contacts of BioMedIT nodes

sciCORE Thierry Sengstag
Core-IT/Vital-IT Heinz Stockinger
ETH: SIS Bernd Rinn